Meeting 2013 (Agrigento)

Report of the VIth Annual Meeting of MOISA


The Meeting was held at the Museo Archeologico Regionale “Pietro Griffo” in Agrigento on May 15th 2013. It started at 18 p.m., and was chaired by Angelo Meriani (AM), Daniela Castaldo (DC), Stefan Hagel (SH), Juan Silva Barris.

Antonella Provenza took the minutes.

1.      Attendance/Quorum

39 MOISA members were in attendance.

AM started by thanking Angela Bellia for the great work she had done for the organization of the Meeting, and for her warm welcome to all the participants in it. The whole assembly joned the President in applauding her.


2.      Communications from the Executive Committee:


a)      Status of subscriptions; Report from the Secretary Tresurer (Daniela Castaldo)


Status of subscriptions:DC reported that on December 31st 2012 MOISA International Society had received 7 subscription fees in its Postal account before its closure; 2 subscription fees in its bank account; 41 subscription fees in its PayPal account. Moreover, 17 subscription fees for 2011 were paid by cash at Salerno’s last Annual Meeting (January 2012). Therefore as of December 31st 2012, 67 MOISA members were in good standing.


The MOISA general e-mail list currently has 118 subscribers, so that many people must be urged to renew membership, otherwise they will be erased from the list.


Report from the Secretary Tresurer




On March 26th 2012, the Postal account balance was at € 4330,89 EUR (see attachment 1). This amount was transferred to the new bank account whose balance on December 31st 2012 was € 4808,14 EUR (see attachment 2). Concerning the PayPal balance, on December 31st 2012 it was at € 1490,16 EUR. For the overall 2012 PayPal activity, see attachment 3 (total activity, payments sent, payments received).

The total balance at December 31st 2012 was €6298,30 EUR.


Payments sent:


Since January, every month the Society paid $ 5,99 USD (approximately € 4,78 EUR, for a total of $ 71,88 USD) to Holistic Solutions, Inc., which hosts the MOISA web-site.


On February 9th 2012, the Society paid a total of $ 1.150 CAD (approximately € 898,48 EUR) to Geoffrey Piersol as payment for his work on the web-site in July 2011.


On May 10th 2012, the Society paid € 1000,00 EUR to Maggi Creese as payment for her work in 2012 as MOISA Bibliographer.


Holistic Solutions’, Piersol’s and Creese’s invoices and transaction details are produced as documents in attachment 4.


On July 26th 2012, the Society paid € 300,00 EUR to Matt Duncombe for his translation of an article published in the first issue of the journal “Greek and Roman Musical Studies” (see attachment 3).


Further informations:


Other expenses (including the Annual Meeting 2013, and office costs) were covered by funds raised from outside sources by some members of the Executive.


On December 31st 2012, the Society has no outstanding debts or financial liabilities.


b)      Report from the Subcommittee on Electronic Communications (Stefan Hagel)


The MOISA web-site has been improved since last year, especially as far as the bibliography and the associates’ personal files. Several problems of still persisting malfunction can be solved in the next months by upgrading the site to Drupal 7.


Such an upgrade may also let us solve the problem of alphabetization of bibliographical entries on the pages displaying the full database (since just items under a specific year are alphabetised at present). The Subcommittee on Electronic Communications announced that

an expert on data processing in Drupal 7 will be sought as soon as possible who will be able to manage such matters and the web-site in general. Among other things, this improvement would also make it possible (hopefully) to automate the management of memberships and the mailing list (e.g. unsubscribing lapsed members from the mailing list and deleting their accounts on the website).

Mailing-list: Since the last Annual Meeting (January 2012), …number … messages have been sent to the mailing list.


It is possible to state in general that MOISA associates use the mailing list as an efficient means of communication when needed, and no particular inconveniences are to be highlighted as far as this tool is concerned.


The whole Assembly has agreed in stating that the MOISA web-site has been very useful as far as spreading the news about the meetings, and has helped widen participation therein.


In a message to the other members of the Executive Committee, Pauline LeVen (PLV) recently proposed to have rotating pictures to improve the visual impact of the MOISA website. In a message to the mailing list, she asked members to submit their best or favorite Greek and Roman music picture (a sort of photo-contest). The proposal has been accepted by the Assembly. PLV shall coordinate this new process.


c)      Report from the Bibliographer (Maggi Creese); Renewal of the Contract


The MOISA Bibliographer, Maggi Creese (MG), has added 520 further entries (most for the years 2011 and 2012) to the bibliography on the MOISA website since her last report in January 2012.


She has also added the names of ancient authors to those entries in the bibliography for which it was appropriate, and updated the note to users to explain how names are listed.

Moreover, MC has sent messages to all of the MOISA members asking them to send her either a list of all their publications, or the link to them, together with corrections and/or relevant additions to the entries already existing in the website. She also asked MOISA members to provide abstracts and to let her know about any forthcoming or new publications in the future. Most MOISA members complied with her request, which shall be renewed periodically.

MChas worked for MOISA on the basis of a 3-year contract as Bibliographer which ends on 15 May. Besides having maintained the bibliography, she has served on the sub-committee on electronic communications, and ensured new/renewing memberships were registered properly on the website for an annual honorarium of 1000€.


To the tasks performed by herself hitherto, MC has proposed in her report (see attachment 4) to add new ones. First, adding an ISBN, DOI or URL to entries for which it is possible to find one. This has been already done for the years 2008-2013 (excluding reviews). Moreover, at present an ancient author is included in entries where his/her name appears in the title of the item listed. MC plans to go through the bibliography again and add ancient author names to entries in which the name itself appears in the abstract or table of contents.


The Executive Committee has thanked MC very much for her excellent work, and the Assembly has joined it with much applause.


The Executive Committee then proposed to the Assembly the renewal of the contract as MOISA Bibliographer to MC, both on the basis of the work she has performed till now, and in consideration of the proposals she has expressed in her Report.


The vote of the Assembly has been unanimous in deciding the renewal of the contract to MC for another three years.


d)      Affiliation of MOISA to the American Philological Association

A suggestion had been proposed last year to the other members of the Executive Committee by PLV, to increase the visibility of MOISA in the US/Canada, by having some organized presence at the annual meeting of the American Philological Association (APA). The APA is the biggest organization of classicists in the US; it holds a meeting every January and has three or four intense days of papers, meetings and networking. Besides the regular APA panels organized to accommodate the papers accepted for presentation, there is a certain number of panels by "affiliated groups." These are groups with very specific interests, which function independently of the APA most of the year (they have their own meeting, their own members, etc.); but each year they can circulate a call for papers to organize a panel on a topic of their choice to be held at the annual meeting of the APA (any member of the APA can send an abstract to present at the panel).


The Executive Committee was very much interested in PLV’s proposal, and asked her to apply to the APA for MOISA. She started the application last March, and pointed out to the Executive Committee that the plan had to include:


1) identification of some administrative officer to ensure a continuing identity for the group;

2) a provision for sharing and rotating responsibility among decision makers;

3) a guarantee that the participation of younger scholars will be encouraged and respected.


This considered, she had highlighted that no discussion had been made till then as far as the leadership plan, while points 3 and 1 in the above list were quite well fulfilled.


As far as point 2 is concerned, PLV had then proposed to write in the application form, that "The MOISA executive committee has elected their Secretary to be their administrative officer to ensure a continuing identity for the group in the administration of the relationships between MOISA and the APA. The officer is in charge of a) applying for a Category II Affiliated Group membership, b) gathering information from the executive committee and c) circulating all information provided by the APA to the MOISA executive group."


Since the MOISA Secretary expires in three years, PLV had proposed to add to this point that “at expiration of the current MOISA Secretary's term (in 2015), the MOISA executive committee will elect a new administrative officer to manage the relationships between MOISA and the APA”.

The Executive Committee agreed with her proposals, and PLV completed and sent the application form to the APA, so thatthe process is crawling along. Basically, she incorporated all the proposals for changes that the executive made on the draft and added elements about the functioning of the society (based on the language in the bylaws). She will of course report on the progress when some is made (probably late June, after the committee's meeting); if everything goes well, MOISA will be able to send a call for papers before next February (2014) to have a panel on ancient music at the 2015 APA meeting.


The Application to the APA for MOISA can be viewed by those interested in it (attachment 5).

The Executive Committee has agreed with all of her proposals, and asked the Assembly to ratify its decision to apply to the APA.

The Assembly unanimously ratified this decision, considering that MOISA shall have a much greater visibility in the USA/Canada by such an affiliation to the APA, and shall moreover improve its scientific activity and spread among many other Institutions the interest in the study of ancient Greek and Roman music and its cultural heritage.


e) MOISA Prize

Within the Meeting, just before the Assembly, two Dissertations (MA and PhD ones) dedicated to Greek and Roman music and its cultural heritage have been awarded the MOISA Prize 2013. It was the first time for such an event, but the Executive Committee, with the unanimous consent of the Assembly, has decided to establish a permanent Prize. The International Committee was chaired by Angelo Meriani (Università di Salerno); the other members were Angela Bellia (Università di Bologna), John Franklin (University of Vermont), Massimo Raffa (Università della Calabria), Eleonora Rocconi (Università di Pavia-Cremona), Salvatore Moncada, the Managing Director of Moncada Energy Group and President of Fondazione Agireinsieme, which established the Prize and provided it with an amount of 1000 euros.


The winners for this year were – ex aequo – Elena Firinu and Federico Maria Petrucci; special mentions to Maria Cecilia Coppari, Wieneke Jansen and Sara Lanna.


So MOISA for this year has benefited from Fondazione AGireinsieme, which has provided the fund for the prize. SH has proposed that, from the next year on, in case the local organizations of the meetings would not be able to raise the relevant fund, MOISA itself could provide the amount of money for the prize. This would certainly encourage younger scholars to go on studying Ancient Greek and Roman Music, and such an issue perfectly meets the bylaws of MOISA. At the moment, no financial obstacle prevents such a decision concerning the fund for the Prize.


On the other hand, in April the Executive Committee in a virtual meeting had decided to add to the fund provided by Fondazione Agireinsieme a further amount from the balance of MOISA in order to allow the finalists partially to meet their travelling expenses. Besides this, the Executive Committee had decided to ask Brill for a free copy of GRMS for each of them, and to offer them one year of MOISA membership for free.


The Assembly unanimously approved all the decisions of the Executive Commitee concerning the Prize.


3. Next Meetings

a) VII Annual Meeting (Urbino, 5-6 September 2014)

As proposed by Liana Lomiento, the VII Annual Meeting of MOISA will be held in Urbino (in collaboration with the University of Urbino) on September 5th and 6th 2014. Fifteen speakers should take part in it. Five among them will be invited, while for the other ten a call for papers shall be issued in the next months. The subject of the Meeting shall be dealing with musical instruments and their contexts.


b) VIII Annual Meeting (Newcastle, 2015)


In the last Meeting, David Creeseproposed to have the VIII Meeting (2015) in Newcastle (Great Britain), at Newcastle University. AM has asked Sylvain Perrot about his proposal of the last Meeting, concerning the possibility of having one of the next meetings held at the Ecole Française d’Athène, which he represents (in collaboration with the University of Athens, represented by prof. S. Psaroudakis). Sylvain Perrot has told the Assembly that such a possibility could become real in 2015. This issue will be further dealt with in the following months, and a decision shall be taken in a special session.


c) Proposals

M. Isabel Rodriguez Lopez has proposed that the organization of the IX Annual Meeting of MOISA (2016) could be undertaken by herself, and that it could be held in Madrid.


The whole Assembly has thanked with many rounds of applause those members who had presented themselves for undertaking the organization of the next Meetings.


4. Other Questions

There were no additional questions from the audience and the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.


The Keeper of the Minutes

Antonella Provenza


The President / The Vice-President

Angelo Meriani / Joan Silva Barris


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