Dance and Aesthetic Perception

TitleDance and Aesthetic Perception
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsPeponi, A-E
EditorDestrée, P, Murray, P
Book TitleA companion to ancient aesthetics
Series TitleBlackwell companions to the ancient world
PublisherWiley Blackwell
ISBN9781444337648 (hbk); 9781119009795 (online)

The chapter argues that the examination of the aesthetics of dance in antiquity depends on one's approach to the aesthetic as a whole, which is here defined as the body of discourses generated in a given culture concerning the perception, the judgment, and the impact of the beautiful and kindred concepts. Diverse discourses developed in the Greek and Greco-Roman worlds about patterned human movement are discussed and emphasis is put on the pervasiveness of the notion and practice of spectatorship in these cultures. A central question raised is the interrelation between cognitive and sensual enjoyment of dance. A threefold approach to ancient orchestics as mimetic, non-mimetic, and meta-mimetic further illuminates implicit and explicit aesthetic viewpoints in antiquity. [;jsessionid=D0CA824BB351EC158112656A09AEA3E9.f02t04]


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