Drammi greci: dallo spettacolo ‘monouso’ all’idolo testuale

TitleDrammi greci: dallo spettacolo ‘monouso’ all’idolo testuale
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMontana, F
EditorGarda, M, Rocconi, E
Book TitleRegistrare la performance : Testi, modelli, simulacri tra memoria e immaginazione
PublisherPavia University Press
ISBN9788869520501 (brossura); 9788869520518 (e-book PDF)

The article proposes a typological definition of the written records of ancient Greek drama, based on literary, epigraphic and iconographic testimony, and on the most up-to-date critical debate on several related topics. Firstly, the historical context of aurality and performance culture, that is characteristic of classical Athens (5th-4th centuries BC), is considered. The focus then shifts to the spread of (re)performances as well as to the development in the private reading of written literature and the birth of philology in the Hellenistic era (3rd-1st centuries BC). The suggested typology includes ‘proleptic’ records, such as the autograph and the scripts copied for performers (actors, chorus), and ‘analeptic’ records, such as scripts for posthumous reperformances, scholarly editions, and copies for private reading. The essay underscores the need for a reassessment of the traditional aims, targets and means of classical philology regarding the products of ancient Attic drama. [p. 162]


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