'Inueniunt et in astra uias…': (Manilius, Astr., 4, 152-161)

Title'Inueniunt et in astra uias…': (Manilius, Astr., 4, 152-161)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsAbry, J-H
Ancient AuthorsMarcus Manilius (PHI 0926)
Keywordsastronomia, Manilio

In the fourth Canto of the Astronomics Manilius gives a twice repeated outline of the dispositions and aptitudes which the various signs of the Zodiac determine in their natives. Those who are born under the influence of Gemini have a special vocation for music and the study of the sky. But what is an arid summary in astrological handbooks becomes in Manilius’ poem a fine description of the musical form of Antiquity. It is also an opportunity for the author to take his stand in the debate on the origin of discoveries: is astronomy a gift of the gods or the fruit of man’s inventiveness. [Summary, p. 411]

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