Martianus Capella a-t-il traduit le traité de rythmique d’Aristide Quintilien?

TitleMartianus Capella a-t-il traduit le traité de rythmique d’Aristide Quintilien?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsCalvié, L
Ancient AuthorsMartianus Minneus Felix Capella (OCD), Aristides Quintilianus Mus. (TLG 2054)

There is nowadays a trend to highlight the liberties that Martianus Capella (De nupt., § 967-995) would have taken when translating the Rhythmics of Aristides Quintilianus (De mus. i, 13-19). The former might even not be considered as a translator of the latter, less because of the slight changes he brought to the original text in order to adapt it to a Latin inexpert audience than because of two major innovations: he divided the rhytmics into seven chapters (§ 970) and he added a part on the differences between rhythms (§ 980). However, making a critical study of the texts enables to establish that these two modifications are not due to Martianus himself but rather to accidents that occured through the transmission of Aristide's text. The classical translatologist must not lose sight of the fact that Greek originals, just like their Latin translations, reached us after an eventful voyage throughout the ages that they seldom performed without being influenced. []


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