The Papyrus from the ‘Musician’s Tomb’ in Daphne: ΜΠ 7449, 8517-8523 (Archaeological Museum of Piraeus)

TitleThe Papyrus from the ‘Musician’s Tomb’ in Daphne: ΜΠ 7449, 8517-8523 (Archaeological Museum of Piraeus)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAlexopoulou, AA, Karamonou, I
JournalGreek and Roman Musical Studies

In Section 1 Athena Alexopoulou presents the imaging documentation techniques and the non-destructive investigation methodology applied to the papyrus-fragments from the “Musician’s Tomb” in Daphne (MΠ 7449, 8517-8523). They were used to learn more about the script rescued on the papyrus, and to find ways of improving its legibility. The high resolution and optical quality of the photomacrographs enables the detection of lines containing letter-sequences and syllables on the surface and underneath, improves readability and allows further philological interpretation. In Section 2 Ioanna Karamanou edits the legible papyrus-fragments of ΜΠ 8517, 8520, 8521, which were not edited in Martin West’s edition (grms 1, 2013), offering an overview of the legible material and exploring its literary character. Having detected more readings suggestive of poetic words, she argues that they are consistent with and may supplement those of Prof. West’s edition, reinforcing the likelihood that the earliest Greek papyrus employed poetic diction. []


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