Prima della ‘prima’: registrare la performance dei drammi greci antichi

TitlePrima della ‘prima’: registrare la performance dei drammi greci antichi
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsRocconi, E
EditorGarda, M, Rocconi, E
Book TitleRegistrare la performance : Testi, modelli, simulacri tra memoria e immaginazione
PublisherPavia University Press
ISBN9788869520501 (brossura); 9788869520518 (e-book PDF)

Ancient Greek theatre, a multimedia spectacle originally conceived for a unique performance which involved words, gestures, music and dance, raises many problems for scholars investigating the ‘recording’ of its different components. This paper explores some ways of recording the performative elements of the plays during their theatrical staging (meaning before the ‘premiere’). It examines the possibility that, given the rhythmic and melodic nature of ancient Greek language and the descriptive and/or perlocutionary character of scenic information within the texts, the authors could inscribe music and gestural expressiveness into the linguistic code. The high level of performativity implied in the ancient texts probably delayed the need to develop a specific technology for recording the different multimedia components of Greek theatrical plays. [p. 161]


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