Pronomos and potamon: two pipers and two epigrams

TitlePronomos and potamon: two pipers and two epigrams
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsWilson, P
JournalThe Journal of Hellenic Studies

Although he was one of the most famous musicians of Classical antiquity, the pipe-player (auletes) Pronomos of Thebes has never attracted serious scholarly attention in his own right. This contribution seeks to address this neglect by attempting to establish a basic chronological framework for his life. In doing so, it introduces a new item of evidence, the inscribed funerary monument of one Potamon of Thebes, a contemporary and colleague of Pronomos in the art of auletike. A close relationship is shown to exist between the epigram on this funerary monument, found in Athens, and that which accompanied the statue on the Theban akropolis, erected in honour of Pronomos. []


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