The Peripatetics: Aristotle's Heirs 322 BCE - 200 CE

TitoloThe Peripatetics: Aristotle's Heirs 322 BCE - 200 CE
Publication TypeLibro
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBaltussen, H
Ancient AuthorsAristoxenus Mus. (TLG 0088)
Series TitleAncient philosophies
Number of Pages190 pp.
CittàLondon; New York

The Peripatetics explores the development of Peripatetic thought from Theophrastus and Strato to the work of the commentator Alexander of Aphrodisias. The book examines whether the internal dynamics of this philosophical school allowed for a unity of Peripatetic thought, or whether there was a fundamental tension between philosophical creativity and the notions of core teachings and canonisation. The book discusses the major philosophical preoccupations of the Peripatetics, interactions with Hellenistic schools of thought, and the shift in focus among Greek philosophers in a changing political landscape. It is the first book of its kind to provide a survey of this important philosophical tradition. []


Chapter 5 ("Continuity and Criticism in the Peripatos") includes discussion of Aristoxenian harmonics.


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