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De musicis

An Annotated Bibliography of Works on Ancient Greek and Roman Music

Founding Bibliographer (2000-2009):  Gianfranco Mosconi; bibliographies for the years 2000-2005 (lists revised and supplemented by Maggi Creese)

Bibliographer 2009-2021: Maggi Creese

Current Bibliographer (from 2021):  Kamila Wysłucha 

Notes to the user:

Many bibliographical entries include an abstract, whose author is indicated at the bottom of the summary itself, after the full stop, between square brackets (e.g. in this manner: '...end of the summary. [Gianfranco Mosconi]')

Sometimes, the summary is an abstract which was already available within the text of the item, or which was taken from some other source, such as another internet database; in these cases, the source of the abstract is also indicated in square brackets (e.g. '...end of the summary. [Gianfranco Mosconi]  [POIESIS]')

When an abstract is not included but available within the text of the item itself, this is indicated in the abstract field.  Page numbers are provided for abstracts that are printed elsewhere in the volume.

The bibliography is managed by Kamila Wysłucha, MOISA Bibliographer; corrections and proposed additions may be addressed to her at .  Notice of forthcoming publications is welcome: please consider including a brief (c. 300-350 word) abstract of your work. 

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