Entendre, écouter, obéir dans le christianisme ancien

TitleEntendre, écouter, obéir dans le christianisme ancien
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBurnet, R
EditorCourtil, J-C, Courtray, R
Volume98 [= Sons et audition dans l’Antiquité]

In the field of study on the Ancient world, everyone agree to make a clear division between Ancient Greece and Ancient Judaism about the question of hearing. According to an aristotlean tradition, Ancient Greece put forward seeing on hearing. On the contrary, Ancient Judaism struggled against this “visiocentrism” because of its theology of the invisible God. Did Christianism – the religion of the Christ, image of the invisible God – change this option? This paper shows that there is no opposition between Old and New Testament. Both agree on the idea that hearing is the “religious sense”, both agree that hearing helps to see and to act. [http://pallas.revues.org/2715]


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