La perception intuitive chez les Cisterciens : quels modèles antiques ?

TitleLa perception intuitive chez les Cisterciens : quels modèles antiques ?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsFormarier, M
EditorCourtil, J-C, Courtray, R
Volume98 [= Sons et audition dans l’Antiquité]

This paper analyses the Cistercian model of “good” listening in the light of ancient designs, in particular the distinction scholarly perception and intuitive perception. The latter is often devalued in Antiquity because it does not appeal to reason and is only based on the pleasure of the ear; however, it is considered an essential parameter to consider in order to persuade both in music and in speech. Assuming this ancient heritage, the Cistercians adapt it to their specific needs. In Augustine’s line, they admit indeed an intuitive perception, provided it is inspired, may be beneficial in the practice of meditation. []


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