Les subtilités de l’écoute chez Aristophane

TitleLes subtilités de l’écoute chez Aristophane
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsJay-Robert, G
EditorCourtil, J-C, Courtray, R, Courtray, R
Ancient AuthorsAristophanes Comic. (TLG 0019)
Volume98 [= Sons et audition dans l’Antiquité]

This article examines how Aristophanes presents and operates auditory perception in his work. Based on a detailed study of the verbs hearing and their use, it first examines how this perception is transcribed: is it reliable? Does it systematically lead to truth? How is constructed on stage the relationship between speaking and listening? Then, the analysis focuses on the role of listening in the plot and scenic device. Widely used for entrances on the stage, however, it never leads action, but serves to establish internal comments. [http://pallas.revues.org/2667]


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