Écouter l’orateur dans le monde gréco-romain

TitoloÉcouter l’orateur dans le monde gréco-romain
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSalm, É
EditorCourtil, J-C, Courtray, R
Volume98 [= Sons et audition dans l’Antiquité]

At first sight, it seems difficult to “rehear” the speeches of Greek or Roman orators since we only have the text of some of these speeches at our disposal. Nevertheless, numerous clues enable us to reconstitute with rather significant precision the manner in which orators used to deliver their speeches. In order to comprehend what the voice of the orator used to be like in Antiquity, we will first study the indications of specialists as regards the orator’s voice; then, we will specify the very nature of this voice, between speaking and singing; finally, we will examine the reception of the orator’s voice since the reception itself shows that the orator’s voice reveals the major issues of eloquence in Antiquity. [http://pallas.revues.org/2742]



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