Les silences de Sénèque

TitoloLes silences de Sénèque
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsVincent, A
EditorCourtil, J-C, Courtray, R
Ancient AuthorsLucius Annaeus Seneca iunior (PHI 1017)
Volume98 [= Sons et audition dans l’Antiquité]

Largely inspired by the methodology of the anthropology of the senses, this paper is the first step of a broader inquiry on silence in Roman antiquity. Thanks to the attention of Seneca on the senses, his writings are a good place to start with. Even if it is polysemous by essence, silence is less defined as the opposite of noises in general, than of human voices. With a few exceptions, silence is not a fact of nature. Neither the rural than the urban worlds produce it, and no one should expect the silence as the only proper environment for thinking. As a consequence, the real silence seems to be inner: it is an exercise of self-constraint brought by the sole philosophy. The wise man can then try to use it as a way of communication, alternative to the speech. [http://pallas.revues.org/2709]



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