Music in antiquity. The Near East and the Mediterranean

TitoloMusic in antiquity. The Near East and the Mediterranean
Publication TypeLibro
Year of Publication2014
EditorWestenholz, JG, Maurey, Y, Seroussi, E
Ancient AuthorsAristophanes Comic. (TLG 0019), Empedocles Poet. Phil. (TLG 1342)
Series TitleYuval 8
Number of Pagesxi + 375 pp. ill.
PublisherDe Gruyter Oldenbourg
CittàBerlin; Boston

Music was one component of the cultural continuum that developed in the contiguous civilizations of the ancient Near East and of Greece and Rome. This book covers the range and gamut of this symbiosis, as well as scrutinizes archeological findings, texts, and iconographical materials in specific geographical areas along this continuum. The book, volume VIII of Yuval – Studies of the Jewish Music Research Centre at the Hebrew University, provides an updated scholarly assessment of the rich soundscapes of ancient civilizations. []


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Table of Contents

I Prologue
Anne Draffkorn Kilmer
A Brief Account of the Development of the Field of Music Archaeology 11
II Studies
Bathja Bayer
The Mesopotamian Theory of Music and the Ugarit Notation - a Reexamination 15
Anne Draffkorn Kilmer
Mesopotamian Music Theory since 1977 92
Dahlia Shehata
Sounds from the Divine: Religious Musical Instruments in the Ancient Near East 102
Uri Gabbay
The Balaĝ Instrument and Its Role in the Cult of Ancient Mesopotamia 129
Sam Mirelman
The Ala-Instrument: Its Identification and Role 148
Annie Caubet
Musical Practices and Instruments in Late Bronze Age Ugarit (Syria) 172
Ora Brison
Nudity and Music in Anatolian Mythological Seduction Scenes and Iconographic Imagery 185
Michael Lesley
Illusions of Grandeur: The Instruments of Daniel 3 Reconsidered 201
John Curtis Franklin
Greek Epic and Kypriaka: Why “Cyprus Matters” 213
Mariella De Simone
Aristophanes’ Phrynichos and the Orientalizing Musical Pattern 248
Mira Waner
Aspects of Music Culture in the Land of Israel during the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods: Sepphoris as a Case Study 273
Antonietta Provenza
Soothing Lyres and epodai : Music Therapy and the Cases of Orpheus, Empedocles and David 298
Roberto Melini
Sounds from under the Ashes: The Music of Cults and Mysteries in the Ancient Vesuvian Land 340
III Epilogue
Yossi Maurey
Ancient Music in the Modern Classroom 365


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