Simonides Lyricus: Essays on the 'other' classical choral lyric poet

TitoloSimonides Lyricus: Essays on the 'other' classical choral lyric poet
Publication TypeLibro
Year of Publication2020
EditorPrauscello, L, Agócs, P
Series TitleCambridge Classical Journal Supplement
Number of Pages290
Date PublishedOctober 2020
PublisherCambridge Philological Society
ISBN NumberISBN-10 0956838170
ISBNISBN-13 978-0956838179
Parole chiaveSymonides

Simonides of Keos was one of the most important praise-poets of the early fifth century BCE, ranking alongside Pindar and Bacchylides. In Simonides Lyricus, a group of leading international experts revisit familiar questions about his lyric poetry, and pose new ones. Themes discussed include textual criticism and attribution of fragments; poetic genre and the place of the poet’s melic fragments in his larger oeuvre; the historical, cultural and political background of the poems; and Simonides’ afterlife in the biographical and anecdotal traditions that formed around his name. The volume makes a substantial contribution to modern discussions of Simonides’ place in Greek literary and cultural history and to the understanding of this poet’s often fragmentary and difficult texts.

Short TitleSymonides Lyricus


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