Stesichorus in Context

TitoloStesichorus in Context
Publication TypeLibro
Year of Publication2015
EditorFinglass, PJ, Kelly, A
Ancient AuthorsHomerus Epic. (TLG 0012), Theocritus Bucol. (TLG 0005), Stesichorus Lyr. (TLG 0292)
Number of Pagesxii + 220 pp.
PublisherCambridge University Press

The sixth-century BC Greek poet Stesichorus was highly esteemed in antiquity; but by about AD 400 his works had been almost completely lost. Over recent decades, however, the recovery of substantial portions of his poetry has enabled a reassessment of his significance. These essays by leading scholars analyse different aspects of his oeuvre: the relationship between Stesichorus and epic, particularly his response to the Homeric poems; his narrative technique and his handling of erotic themes; and his influence and reception in fifth-century Athens, in Hellenistic scholarship and poetry, in the Renaissance, and in poetry today. The volume as a whole - the first dedicated to this author - amply demonstrates the extraordinary creativity and continuing vitality of the poet from Himera. []


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