Maggio 26, 2023


MOISA forum allows sending informational emails to all our members at once. It could be used to notify about upcoming events, concerts, conferences, meetings, book publications, and other relevant topics that our community could benefit from. Members can share up to 3 attachments, such as calls for papers, posters, brochures, etc. This function is available to all our users who have an active membership plan.

After submitting an announcement to the forum, a user is provided with the opportunity to change or edit the message (editing is available for 4 hours from the insertion time). During the precautionary 4-hour period, the message is visible only to the author of the text and not to the other users.

When the 4-hour period is finished, the message becomes visible to the other members as well. Based on the notifications inserted in this forum, the group emails are compiled and sent to the MOISA members via email.

All the email notifications, both the previous and the current ones, can always be accessed by entering the forum page on the MOISA website.

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